Information Technology FAQs


How do I contact the IT Helpdesk?

All students should be directed to call the IT helpdesk at 501.332.0285, email at studenthelp [at] or visit the IT Helpdesk office in D106.

Why should students call the IT Helpdesk instead of direct extensions?

By calling the IT helpdesk, the student’s call will ring on several phones instead of just one. If the helpdesk personnel are out of their office, on another line or helping someone when a student calls a direct extension their call may not be answered immediately. It could possibly be the next day before the call is answered.

Can you explain the different components that have usernames and passwords to me?

Computer or Network Access - Allows you to login to computers on campus and provides you with a network folder to save documents. This account will be automatically created for you.

Self-Service - This is where you find your student information (ie. Schedule, Registration, Financial Aid, Grades, Advisor). This account will automatically be created for you.

BlackBoard - This is for online classes. Some lecture classes use BlackBoard as a course component. This account will be automatically created for you.

Student Email - This account is created after the registration process is completed.

Blackboard Connect - This is our campus emergency notification system. This is an Opt-In/Opt-out account. You have to request this account yourself and once you leave ASUTR you must Opt Out. It is your responsibility to remember your login information for this. We have no control over this account.

Do I use the same username and password for everything?

No, each student could have a username and password for the following: Computer Access, BlackBoard, Self-Service, Email and Blackboard Connect. Each system requires a different login, however, the only systems that could have a different username is Self-Service, Blackboard and Blackboard Connect.  Students can set their own password for everything and can choose to have the same password.

What is the default username and password for the students to log on to the computers?

The default username is first initial + last name + last four digits of their student ID number. (jpublic1234)
The default password is last name + last four digits of their student ID number. (public1234)

How do I connect to wireless internet while on campus?

1. Go into Wi-Fi connections
2. Click connect on STUDENT
3. Open your browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
4. It should bring up the ASUTR login. Use your student computer access login information

Where can a student get their ID number from if they forget it?

Students can find their student ID number on their ID card, by looking it up in Self-Service, by contacting Student Affairs.

How do I get a student email?

This account is set up after the registration process. Your new student e-mail address will be username [at] (jpublic1234 [at] and can be accessed at Your student records will automatically be updated to this address. All College communications will be sent to this address.

How often do student usernames and passwords get reset?

Computer access, Self-Service and Email accounts are created the first semester a student registers. The computer access account will be activated for the duration of the student’s enrollment and does not change. The Self-Service account never changes and is always activated.

I got an email that looks like it is from the Computer Services department asking for my password, is this real?

The IT department will NEVER send an email to anyone asking you to verify your username and password. These are called PHISHING emails. If you get an email like this, do not send your information to them! Simply delete the email.

Where is the General Computer Lab and when can I use it?

The General Computer Lab is located on the second floor of the Arts & Sciences Building. The lab is open during school hours Monday through Friday. Occasionally, the lab will be reserved for various activities. During those times, students can use the computers in the Library.

I’ve created a document for class, now where can I save it?

You can save your work to your home directory or to a portable device such as a flash drive.

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